Frequently Asked Questions
Relating To Our Educational Resources

Below are the questions and answers we are most often asked. If you cannot find the answer to your question in the list below, please contact us as we are happy to help.
Q:        What is the “SRP” price on your web site?
A:        This is the Suggested Retail Price of each item. Schools and some businesses have access to these same items at a “Special School Wholesale Price” - Login is required to access School Pricing. 
Q:        Can I order directly from the web site?
A:       Yes – all products on the web site are available and can be ordered on-line. Schools and registered customers can charge purchases to their account while casual purchasers can pay by our secure credit card system.
Q:       Can I pick my order up directly from you.
A:       Yes – please call or email to arrange a time to make your pickup
Q:       Do you freight items to the South Island
A:       Yes – we can freight all items anywhere in New Zealand and in fact, to any country in the World. The web site will automatically calculate the freight cost as you place your order.
Q:       Can you still get stamping tubes? We used to use them to get the nice low notes that we can't get with glockenspiels.

A:       Yes, after being unavailable for a few years, they are being produced again. A full set C-C comes complete with a bag. Great sound. Unlike a similar product from the USA the stamping tubes are used on the floor and not by striking the limbs or other people.

Q:       Do you have material suitable for students who are interested in music technology?

A:       Yes we do. There are a number of resources ranging from basic information on recording techniques, synthesisers etc. to complex digital recording issues. And, there is also a fantastic compact recording studio available which requires no expensive recording room or multiple cables and has a built in disc player.

Q:        Do you have resources that relate specifically to NCEA?

A:        There is an increasing range of new resources relating to NCEA. We have most of these. Contact us to enquire about our range.

Q:        How much does it cost to set up a school wide music programme?

A:        This will vary depending on the size of the school and the level of resource that is already available. We would suggest a stock-take of all instruments already in the school as a first step. We can undertake this for you or give advice on an individual basis. Contact us for more information.

Q:        We don’t have anyone on the staff who is musical. How can we teach music?

A:        There are a number of resources such as Music Room and Instrumental Jam that don't require any knowledge on the part of the teacher.

Q:        We don't have a lot of money so we thought we would buy instruments from the Warehouse?

A:        Every school has budgetary restraints but we believe it is always better to have a plan in mind before purchasing. Less expensive instruments are not always the best option. By spending a little more, the life of the instrument is extended and generally spare parts are available so repairs can be undertaken.

Q:        We have a whole collection of loose chimes bars and broken glockenspiels - bits and pieces everywhere. Should we throw these out?

A:        No. In the majority of cases these can all be repaired thus saving an enormous amount of money that can be used on other music resources. We can also replace lost notes and tone bars.

Q:        We need new timpani beaters but can only find really expensive ones - is there anything available that is good quality but not expensive?

A:        There is a locally made timpani beater which has a metal shaft and is sturdy and high quality. It is half the price of the USA ones. Contact us for more information.

Q:        We only teach singing. Why would we need to teach anything else?

A:        Singing is only one part of teaching music. It needs to be combined with simple music performance and some basic understanding of musical instruments to gain an appreciation of the subject.
Q:        What do you have available in modern choral resources?

A:        We have all the Novello range which includes titles such as Favourite Gospel and Rock & Roll plus all the David Hamilton publications.

Q:        Why should I teach recorder? They sound horrible.

A:        They don't have to sound horrible and think of the positive. What other instrument could you use that teaches music reading so easily and can be obtained with a book that lasts for a year for less than $25.00