Behind the Lines by J T Wilson


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Item Code: EPBehind
Title: Behind the Lines by J T Wilson
ISBN #: 9780908988440
Price $26.00 NZD
Author: J T Wilson
Publisher: Exisle Publishing
Reading Level: Secondary education
Reading Age: (Not Available)
Category 1: Secondary
Category 2: (Not Available)
Category 3: Fiction
Dimensions: 198mm x 126mm
Pages: 208
Format: Paperback

A city boy finds work on a farm ? with unexpected consequences; a car breakdown triggers a change in a young couple?s relationship; a girl finds love in a rural community ? or does she? The stories in J.T. Wilson?s first collection are both accessible and absorbing. He has had immense success ? and media interest ? from selling his stories on the street. The busking story-teller is a familiar sight on Sydney streets, and in other major cities in Australia and New Zealand. It?s a two-way thing, he says. Everywhere he goes people chat to him and maybe purchase a story, and in return he learns about them and uncovers new material for more stories. Behind the Lines is a collection of thirteen stories, both short and long, some of which Wilson has never sold on the street. The book also includes an introduction in which he talks about his writing and his way of life. It is sure to delight his many fans ? and attract new admirers too.

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