Dearly, Nearly, Insincerely by Brian P Cleary (Adverbs)


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Title: Dearly, Nearly, Insincerely by Brian P Cleary (Adverbs)
ISBN #: 9781575059198
Price $15.50 NZD
Author: Brian P Cleary
Publisher: Millbrook Press
Reading Level: Primary/Intermediate
Reading Age: (Not Available)
Category 1: Primary/Intermediate
Category 2: (Not Available)
Category 3: Non Fiction
Dimensions: 175mm x 230mm
Pages: 28
Format: Paperback

What is an adverb? Its hard to explain but easy to show and thats just what this book does, in rhyming, comical verse that will have readers giggling as they learn. Cartoon cats guide readers through the tricks of describing when, how, where, how often, and how much in this lighthearted celebration of language.

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