But and For, Yet and Nor by Brian P Cleary (Conjunctions)


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Title: But and For, Yet and Nor by Brian P Cleary (Conjunctions)
ISBN #: 9780761385035
Price $15.50 NZD
Author: Brian P Cleary
Publisher: Millbrook Press
Reading Level: Primary/Intermediate
Reading Age: (Not Available)
Category 1: Primary/Intermediate
Category 2: (Not Available)
Category 3: (Not Available)
Dimensions: 175mm x 230mm
Pages: 28
Format: Paperback

What is a conjunction? Youll find the answer inside this book - because its chock-full of conjunctions! Brian P. Cleary's playful yet informative rhymes and Brian Gables humorous but helpful illustrations creatively clarify the concept of conjunctions for young readers. Key conjunctions appear in color for easy identification, and comical cats reinforce each idea. While you read this book aloud, share in the delight of the sense - and nonsense - of words.

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