24 Hour History - D-Day by Agnieszka Biskup


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Item Code: SP24hourdday
Title: 24 Hour History - D-Day by Agnieszka Biskup
ISBN #: 9781432993016
Price $16.00 NZD
Author: Agnieszka Biskup
Publisher: Heinemann
Reading Level: Primary/Intermediate
Reading Age: (Not Available)
Category 1: Primary/Intermediate
Category 2: (Not Available)
Category 3: Non-Fiction
Dimensions: 230mm x 145mm
Pages: 48
Format: Paperback

Prior to D-Day, Nazi Germany had control over most of Europe. On June 6, 1941, a massive scale, multi-country invasion of the beaches of Normandy France took place. Although it was very well-planned, and marked the beginning of the end of the war in Europe, many thousands of Allied forces died that day. This graphic nonfiction book tells the story of D-Day.

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