The Happiness Trap Pocketbook by Russ Harris and Bev Aisbett


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Item Code: EPHappiness
Title: The Happiness Trap Pocketbook by Russ Harris and Bev Aisbett
ISBN #: 9781921966187
Price $26.00 NZD
Author: Russ Harris & Bev Aisbett
Publisher: Exisle Publishing
Reading Level: Secondary education
Reading Age: (Not Available)
Category 1: Secondary
Category 2: (Not Available)
Category 3: Non-Fiction
Dimensions: 198mm x 128mm
Pages: 168
Format: Paperback

Popular myths about happiness are directly contributing to our epidemic of stress, anxiety and depression - and popular psychological remedies are making it even worse! In his original bestselling self-help book, Dr Russ Harris revealed how millions of people are unwittingly caught in 'The Happiness Trap'. He then provided an effective means to escape: ACT (or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) based on the principles of mindfulness. Now, in 'The Happiness Trap Pocketbook', Russ has joined forces with acclaimed self-help author and illustrator, Bev Aisbett, to produce a highly illustrated, simpler, shorter version of the book that will not only resonate with readers of the original but also find a new audience for Russ's empowering message.

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